Alberta Public Art Network Annual Summit


The Public Art UN-Conference

Imagine a conference where you are invited to experience rather than merely attend. An event where the agenda of speakers, presenters and workshops are interactive, entertaining and even out of doors.

Public art is designed for public discourse. The art erected in spaces open to the public is intended to inspire, involve and evoke conversations. The public art conference in Jasper National Park invites you to engage.

Incorporating elements of theatre, music and cultural ambassadors the conference is more an interactive theatre experience rather than a conventional information sharing. There will be opportunities to network with your fellow arts enthusiasts during the summit; however the main content of the “presentations” we intend to be close up and personal.

Ms Edith Cavell will guide a walk to the cultural landscape of Jasper. Each stop on the walking tour will showcase a different aspect of the Jasper public art community. Some will be informational (Nature), some educational (Nurture) and some entertaining (Culture).

While impossible to compete with the natural beauty Jasper offers, the desire to create public works of art in the spaces frequented by our 2 million annual visitors remains a strong quest. The goal of APAN2017 is to network public art enthusiasts while providing the opportunity to develop connections with the arts and cultural landscape to discuss the what where why of public art in Alberta.

The conference features meals provided by local chefs, a variety of guest speakers, panels and popups, and ways to engage and network during our presentation of theart of Jasper.


April 18

as is the NATURE of a conference – a meet and greet with a guest speaker!
Crimson Hotel with Peter von Tiesenhausen

April 19
the day to educate and feed participants!
After lunch – walkabout with cultural ambassadors

Supper at the Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre with guest speaker

April 20
The day to check on the development of APAN!
Presentations and brainstorming for next steps by past APAN hosts.

After lunch…ARCHITECTURE as ART conversation at Jasper Park Lodge ($50 extra includes appetizers

REGISTER at [email protected]

There is also a place on facebook to watch for changes – developments – give and share ideas!!  Your hosts in Jasper welcome your input.

Marianne Garrah hab @ iotad dot ca

David S Baker betabake @ gmail dot com


This was updated March 15 2017 and is subject to change.


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